Damascus Road

This was the first band I performed, got paid, and wrote original music with. The music genre
was Christian Rock. A band with a message, we played many paying gigs from 1982-1986. The
members were Neil Richmond, vocals and lyrics; Terry Wood, bass; Dean Crouse, drums;
myself, guitar and vocals. One of the highlights was opening for Petra, who cancelled due to
illness, at Jock Harty Arena in front of 2000 people. I was terrified to say the least!

The Blues Review

A Chicago style blues band with a Horn section! Also, a lot of Napanee high school music
students who came together for a pep rally and later won CKLC Radio Kingston’s Battle Of The
Bands. Assembled by tenor sax player Pete Pereira in late spring 1985, The Blues Review’s
original line-up featured Ben Eby, Alto Sax; Kent Scherm and Mike Lott, Trumpet; Larry Gerrow,
Trombone; Colin McSween, Baritone Sax; Rick Hopkins, Bass; Alan Savage, Drums; myself,
Guitar; and Kim Pollard on Vocals. We disbanded when most of us graduated in 1987.
Pete Pereira moved to Kingston in 1993 and we decided to “put the band back together”! Some
of the original members lived in the Kingston area so it was an easy re-assemble. New
members that came through the Review from 1993-1995 included; Phil Pollard, Vocals; Morley
Kimmett, Guitar; Joe Chithalen, Bass, Tom Revell, Bass; Zak Colbert, Bass, Dean Wannamaker,
Drums; Scott Brooks, Drums; Steve Brown, Drums; Colin Bowe, Keyboards, Andrew Finlayson,
Keyboards & Harmonica; and Tom Harpell, Harmonica.

Second Hand Solution/ Public Works

I moved to Kingston, ON in the spring of 1991 after living in Toronto, ON from 1987. I had been
pursuing education at York University taking Fine Arts, then getting married and working in
sales. I didn’t perform during this time, but I did write a few songs. It was a sales position at
Harbour Lincoln Mercury that drew me back to eastern Ontario. I began teaching guitar lessons
and jamming with Harbour owner James Braden, a natural blues guitar player. We got together
with Dean Wannamaker, Drums and Duane Hawley, Bass to form Second Hand Solution, an
original blues based rock band. We brought in singer Kelly Caird to front the band before our
first gig. We played a handful of gigs in late 1991 and early 1992. Looking for a different sound
in 1992, Andrew Finlayson joined on Keyboards and Derek Foote replaced Jamie on Guitar. The
reconfigured band was named Public Works. In 1993 before the Blues Review band was
revived, we took on John Gamache, as third Guitar. After a couple of gigs I decided to take a
break from writing original music and get back to learning covers and practicing to be a better
musician.I was ready to start up the good time party band, The Blues Review again.
Wannamaker and Finlayson joined as well.

420 JST

Promotion of Peace and Love through the enjoyment of Pot and Music. A trio from Kingston, Canada