In late 1994 I started the Sheff Dogs with a couple players from the defunct Blues Review. It morphed from the upbeat horn driven, Chicago Style blues, to a smaller six piece band that would perform mostly original blues songs. The initial line-up included myself (vocals & guitar), Pete Pereira (tenor sax), Andrew Finlayson (keyboards & harmonica), Dave Brown (bass), James Braden (lead guitar), and Kherson Amell (drums). Early in 1995, Kherson left to work with another band that he had previously committed to and was replaced by Peter Reid.

Although the Sheff Dogs were only on the Kingston scene for two years, we recorded a five song original EP called Bull. This Cassette was produced by Mike Sakell and engineered by Grant Ethier and Dave Lindsay at the Funhouse Recording studio in Kingston. It is for sale in the web store for the first time since the initial 500 cassettes sold out in 1996! I still borrow the Sheff Doggs name (with an extra G!) for blues/rock cover gigs.

The Doggs can be booked for parties, weddings and corporate events through Contacts on the main page.