Sheffield Family Music
This is the title that I chose as the catch all for music in my life. I have taught guitar lessons for
over 18 years, starting with my father Ron, and eventually with a music school aptly named
Sheffield Family Music. The music school opened in Napanee, ON in 2004 and employed five
teachers seeing seventy-five students per week until 2012. I teach out of my home studio in
Kingston, ON now and will always enjoy introducing children and adults to music through
playing the guitar. Send me an email to book some guitar lessons!

Ron Sheffield
My father Ron and my mother Dorothy instilled a love for music in my life at an early age. I am
thankful that I had my dad as my first guitar teacher. There were always stringed instruments in
our house that we were encouraged to play. Although he has been well known as a music
teacher and performer, he is also known as a pastor and mentor. He has combined both
throughout his life and I am happy to offer his 2 recordings, The Campfire Collection and Many
Roads for sale in the Store.


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