Tim Sheffield, musician, songwriter, instructor, mentor, recorder of musical snapshots in time.
A life immersed in music performance and touring spanning three decades;
A social media connection with thousands of people locally, nationally and internationally;
A respected guitar teacher and music educator within the developmental disabilities and vulnerable sector community of Kingston, Ontario, Canada; 
Sheffield has an accumulation of experiences that he uses everyday to inform his vision of a world where music makes a positive difference in people’s lives.
The music Tim began creating as a teenager in the 1980’s, continues as a body of work that endures, evolves and reinvents itself today. While honing his songwriting craft and sharpening his performance skills, he has never been one to conform to expectations. Sheffield has written and recorded rock songs with blues and funk feels, songs with reggae influenced grooves and songs reminiscent of old time country waltzes he heard in his youth.