In 2004 I took a break from touring, teaching, and performing to take a larger role in raising my
son Spencer. He moved in with me in the fall of 2003. We relocated to my childhood stomping
grounds, Napanee, ON in 2004 where I resumed teaching guitar and later opened the Music
Market Cafe.

From 2004-2012 I taught music at Sheffield Family Music, building a school with 5 teachers
instructing 75 students per week in guitar, bass, piano, vocal and drums. In 2008 the Music
Market Cafe opened next door to the Music School. The Cafe offered healthy food and Fare
Trade coffee with Live Music on the weekends. Although popular with our regulars and
musicians who played there, there wasn’t enough support in the Napanee community to make it
a financially successful business. The decision was made to close the Cafe in 2011 and then the
Music School in 2012.

My partner Mae and I moved to Kingston, ON in 2012. This move has provided more
opportunity for me to resume tech work in Kingston and Ottawa. I have also taken the plunge
into Solo performance…an area that still gives me butterflies when I take the stage. There is a
strength in numbers that I find playing music in a band, but Solo requires a different kind of
approach. The intimacy of a Solo gig really excites me and challenges me to bring my best
performance every time.

Patio parties, pubs and special events are where I like to do the Solo thing. Just cover songs?
Only originals? A mix of both? Keep me in mind for a rocking acoustic set or a quiet night of
tunes and storytelling.

Stage And Guitar Tech

Staying alive and trying to make a living as an Indie Artist sometimes requires me to juggle
different side ventures. While still performing with Lounge Act in 2000, I was asked to stage
manage/wrangle some shows for Luther Wright And The Wrongs in support of their critically
acclaimed remake of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”. I enjoyed the experience and opportunity so much
that I became guitar tech and stage manager with The Watchmen from Winnipeg, to tour their

“Absolutely Anytime” recording (2001-2003). In 2003 I teched for Kathleen Edwards in support
of her debut album “Failer”

From 2001-2004 I handled guitar tech duties for Sarah Harmer, sometimes overlapping with
The Watchmen when they were playing the same shows. Sarah has always been a great friend
to me and a supporter of Indie Artists. I have had the pleasure to tech for her many times and
still do when the opportunity comes along including shows in 2008 and 2014.

I have also teched for many great artists through working at the Grand Theatre in Kingston and
The Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa. I was the main stage tech at Shelter Valley Folk Festival
from 2004-2009 where I met and worked with some amazing musicians and crew.

I have been known to stage manage or technical direct theatre productions in the local
community. I enjoy the backstage work almost as much as performing onstage, so contact me if
you need a rock n’ roll tech for your gig!